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Terug naar school: zes lessen voor grantmakers

2 oktober 2019, 06:00
Terug naar school: zes lessen voor grantmakers
Terug naar school: zes lessen voor grantmakers
Get excited and be prepared to launch your new initiative.  After a long summer of late nights, fun in the sun and a relaxed schedule, families across the country are preparing for kids to get back to school. There’s a lot of build up to that first big day – planning for cooler weather, getting school supplies, buying new clothes, reuniting with old friends, and making new ones. There is a magical sense of anticipation, excitement and butterflies that makes the start of each new school year memorable and special. What potential new friendships will this year bring? What new and exciting things will be learned? Starting the year off right prepares students, teachers and parents alike for a successful year ahead. I’ve also found that same sense of excitement and anticipation in my work with funders who are launching a new initiative or an entirely new philanthropy. There is the same sense of expectation and nervousness that makes the start of the process thrilling and...
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