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Zo jaag je je grantees 100% de gordijnen in!

3 december 2019, 06:00
Zo jaag je je grantees 100% de gordijnen in!
Zo jaag je je grantees 100% de gordijnen in!
Nothing creates heart pounding ghoulish fear in the minds of a grantee like hearing from their funder: ‘We’re about to start strategic planning.’ A funder undergoing strategic planning can put the nail in the coffin for grantees… at least temporarily. Philanthropic strategy development seems to last forever. During this time, and often behind closed doors, the funder might ‘suspend grantmaking’ to ‘evaluate priorities and approaches.’ This leaves nonprofits to wonder if this dark period will lift. And when it does, will the funder still support their organization?   Strategy development is important. It helps philanthropists clarify what they want to accomplish. It should lead to change. But it doesn’t need to leave grantees screaming at their desk chairs!   You don’t want to be a frightful funder. The next time you announce ‘it’s time for strategic planning’ don’t forget these tips to calm your grantees nerves: 1. Communicate early and often. ’Ghosting’ your gran...
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