The Value of Volunteers (scriptie)

20 juni 2017, 09:00
The Value of Volunteers (scriptie)
The Value of Volunteers (scriptie)
The strengths and unique values of volunteers: the case of UNICEF the Netherlands
This research is based on the case of UNICEF the Netherlands and it examines the types of value volunteers can bring to an organisation as opposed to paid staff. The results of the focus groups confirm the values based on the existing literature. Participants agreed volunteers can be perceived as more credible. They also valued the large network, diversity and proximity. Furthermore, they acknowledge volunteers can be a source of feedback and innovation. Moreover, a new unique volunteer value was added: Goodwill can be created because volunteers do not get paid for the work they do.
From the current research, it can be concluded that volunteers do bring seven unique values to the organisation: Credibility, network effect, diversity, proximity, source of feedback, source of innovation and goodwill. This information can be used by non-profit organisations when, for example, raising donations, recruiting new volunteers or making itself visible to different target groups.
MSc Global Business & Sustainability
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Universiteit
20 juni 2017
Supervisor: prof. Lucas Meijs
Co-reader: Alexander Maas
Supervisor Unicef: Marieke Becking
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