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Adrian Sargeant over duurzame filantropie

5 juli 2016, 14:00
Adrian Sargeant
Adrian Sargeant
Impact meten, resultaten boeken, allemaal leuk en aardig, maar Adrian Sargeant wil nog meer. Hij is de oprichter van het Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, een organisatie die zich richt op duurzaamheid in filantropie. Sargeant: ‘What we want to do is to grow philanthropy and to grow in a very particular way by enhancing the quality of the donor experience so that it becomes, as it says in the title of our center, sustainable. People give because frankly they enjoy giving and they get a lot out of it, and that’s our mission is to grow it in that way.’ Amy Eisenstein van de Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) interviewde Sargeant.
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