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Marketing Week: Solidarity not charity

6 februari 2019, 07:39
Solidarity not charity
Solidarity not charity
'A quiet marketing revolution has been happening in the charity sector as organisations look to not just help those in need but empower them.’

Under the spotlight

Brand purpose is under the spotlight like never before as consumers become increasingly critical of businesses looking to ‘do good’ or solve all society’s problems. Consumers are also quick to chastise those which don’t extend their purpose to every aspect of their business or when they feel the brand doesn’t belong in the conversation. You only have to look at Gillette’s attempt to solve toxic masculinity for evidence of that.


This level of scrutiny also extends to charities where a quiet revolution has been occurring in the way the sector portrays individuals. Charities are moving away from a paternalistic approach to one of empowerment in both the services they provide and the way they market themselves. Oxfam’s head of brand Allys Thomas explains: “There has gradually been more appetite for [images of empowerment] and charities themselves can play a role in driving and shaping that too, so it’s become about how we can challenge and change public discourse as well as respond to it.”

Bron: Marketing Week

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