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Jaarverslag Rewilding Europe

20 mei 2018, 06:00
Jaarverslag Rewilding Europe
Jaarverslag Rewilding Europe
Rewilding Europe is excited to announce the publication of its Annual Review for 2017. With a revamped layout and structure, the review marks the start of a new five-year period in our initiative. 
Within the Annual Review 2017 readers will find significant information on our principal efforts and achievements last year. A range of overviews and infographics present an overall picture, while nine feature stories illustrate our work in more detail, providing in-depth insight into some of our core activities and personal stories from colleagues and partners across Europe. The review is also available as a PDF, with direct links to related sections, news items, blogs and overviews on our recently relaunched website.
The year 2017 was a special year for Rewilding Europe. We reached a number of key milestones and achieved important results both at a general level and in our rewilding areas, with a great deal of synergy across the initiative. Today, inspired by and supportive of our work, a growing number of Europeans are embracing the idea of more wild nature across our continent.
‘Here at Rewilding Europe we are thrilled to see the burgeoning European rewilding movement capture people’s hearts and minds,’ says Rewilding Europe’s Managing Director Frans Schepers. ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their interest in our initiative, and sincerely hope everyone gains as much pleasure from reading this review as I have.’
As always, the progress of Rewilding Europe is underpinned by the dedication, enthusiasm and expertise of its team members, as well as the invaluable support of our strategic and financial partners, Rewilding Europe Circle members, advisors and supporters. Learn more about them in this review.
If you enjoyed reading our review why not join us in making Europe a wilder place?  Find out how you can become an active part of the rewilding movement here.
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